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"LPS Solutions knows the internet space, and particularly the online marketing arena, inside and out."

Casey Berman

Founder Leave Law Behind


Marketing for Lawyers

What’s an hour of your time worth? Any time you spend working on Social Media, writing Email Newsletters or managing Google Ads is time you are not billing. Let our experts do the work for you and reclaim that time at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.


Marketing for Real Estate

Winning listings and attracting buyers is harder than ever. What are you doing to stand out in the crowd? Put our expert marketers to work and watch your phone start ringing. We do all the work so you can focus on building your empire.


Growing Business

Today, more than ever, there are options for marketing your business. With so much choice, how do you balance marketing on Social, Search, Email and elsewhere with running your business and doing the work you love? Easy, let us help!


Lael Sturm

Founder/General Manager LPSS
Lael Sturm is the Founder and General Manager of Digital Marketing Agency LPSS where he works with companies of all
sizes to support their marketing, sales and business development efforts- always with an eye to growth. Lael developed his expertise over the last 20 years as an employee, founder, investor, fund raiser and seller
of technology companies.


Revenue Strategy and Growth Hacking

Need more customers or revenue? Ready to set up repeatable strategies that any new hire can follow to be a productive team member? Put our experienced consultants to work and let us deliver results. For a fraction of what you would pay for a full time hire we offer the experience and perspective you need to grow your business. Contact us for details.

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